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Reliable. High-quality. Complex. Affordable. Among others, these are the characteristics of our company, Nevadasec Ltd. and its services. We have more than ten years of professional record, and a growing number of satisfied clients as a guarantee. Our activities cover almost the whole security sector, with the priority area being hotel security. We are proud to have numerous elegant and highly-ranked hotels among our partners, at international level.
We handle our clients’ demands professionally, according to individual requests and in line with the requirements of the 21st century. This includes the use of the latest digital technologies, and our continuously trained, first-class workforce.

Our services

 Hotel security

​The Ritz-Carlton Budapest, Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest, InterContinental Budapest. Just to name a few of the grand hotels that have honoured us with their confidence. And the list could be extended – with Your hotel!

 Property protection

Whether it is banks, office buildings, premises, logistical centres, educational or other institutions, our highly-qualified and well-built private security guards provide effective security guard services.

Security technology

Fortunately, more and more people know that it’s an unnecessary waste of time and money to bother with outdated alarm and camera systems if it’s possible to choose Nevada’s modern solutions meeting every need!

Event security

We are well aware, that the experience gained with general security guard services is not enough in this very special field. What is more, we do not only know this in theory, but we also prove it in practice, hundreds of times a year: you can count on us in that field, as well!

 Professional trainings

​Beside the continuous training of our colleagues, we regularly organise intensive, practical, open trainings, which participants can acquire new information from educated, highly-skilled experts.

 Cleaning branch

Security is the first step towards order, and cleanliness is the second one! Nevadasec Ltd. has sufficient experience in this field, and as a result, anyone can ask for an offer, to clean their stores, offices or storerooms with full trust.

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