Security technology

It may sound cliché, but it’s still true: a business has little chance of success if it does not take in 21st century solutions. As regards security guard services, it is certainly the different alarm and camera systems, that grow old at the fastest rate, causing malfunctions, breakdowns, a lot of extra costs, and last but not least, even more nervous moments for the customer. But not for those, who cooperate with Nevadasec Ltd.! Our company develops systems that are fully reliable, intelligent, future-proof as well as user-friendly and serve as a long-term solution to our clients’ problems. You may request our quote in the following fields:

Design, installation, maintenance and operation of electronic property protection systems

  • integrated security technology and surveillance systems,
  • intrusion detection system, alarms,
  • outdoor and fence protection systems,
  • access control systems,
  • RFID identification,
  • analogue and IP camera systems,
  • parking systems,
  • systems of goods protection.

Design, deployment, maintenance and operation of IT systems:

  • structured cabling,
  • computer maintenance,
  • remote help desk service.
  • Remote surveillance services:
    • standard property protection services with remote surveillance (property, vehicle etc.),
    • special GPRS-based services,
    • iindustrial remote surveillance services.