Professional trainings

For some time the goals of Nevada Security has not only included the full performance of security guard services, but also the offer of professional trainings in all fields of the Hungarian security segment. We regularly organise courses, trainings, tactical and other special trainings, where every interested participant is welcome, on basic, intermediate and advanced level, as well. We offer the following trainings on a permanent basis:

Bodyguard training

Our trainings are led by experts, who were previously in the service of the special forces, or the Hungarian armed forces, practice-oriented, full of lifelike situations, therefore they are extremely effective. Send us an e-mail for more information on participation, and the exact training dates!

Training course preparing for the weapons examination
Passing the official weapons examination is a prerequisite for carrying any weapons. Weapon use is the most responsible task of security guards, considering, that it is, without exaggeration that sometimes lives may depend on it. It is therefore important where to acquire the knowledge required for the official weapons examination.
If you want to be confident with firearms, learn from our professional trainers who will prepare you for the most challenging situations! Our company organises trainings all year round, and these last for a full day. For specific details contact us via e-mail!
Attention please! We will help our successful candidates to find employment as armed security guards if they are also qualified as private security guards.

Special trainings

During our regular trainings we develop further specific skills required for this profession. Participants can acquire the following skills in the course: knife-fighting, stick-fighting, hand-to-hand combat, shooting, bomb search, special driving techniques etc. For more information, contact us via e-mail.