We are well aware that good cooperation must be based on trust. Beside our excellent services, we also strive to find the common voice with our clients to feel that we are on the same team. As a first step, let me introduce myself “in person”:

Sándor Romasz CEO

I am convinced that human virtues pay off in economic life, as well. What we give is what we’ll get back! Honesty, fairness, accuracy and demanding care in work – these are the principles of our company. And if it’s all there, we “only” need to add expertise to it!

“If we do it, let’s do it well” – it is often said, however, we are not satisfied with being “good”, we want to be OUTSTANDING.

We aim to provide services that our competitors are not capable of because they don’t want to waste their energy, time and money with that. Just to provide a metaphor from my martial arts past of decades: we start to warm up where others give up!
With my more than a quarter century of experience covering all fields of the security sector, I am satisfied only if we provide services in the case of which it’s safe to say that noone else could have done it like this!