Cleaning branch

What is the ideal cleaning firm like? Invisible! – That may be an impulsive reply. That’s exactly how we think, therefore we perform our tasks in a way, that you won’t notice anything, except for cleanliness. We do the comprehensive cleaning of office buildings, workplaces and storerooms with modern tools, and eco-friendly products, with great care, by fully meeting hygiene requirements.

We do this by taking all the burden off the clients’ shoulder, such as: organisation and supervision of cleaning, purchase of detergents and machines. Beside office spaces and business premises, our service covers the cleaning of stairwells, as well. We do occasional and regular (daily, weekly) cleaning, and special big cleaning or cleaning after renovation.

Available cleaning services:

  • Cleaning of toilets,
  • Cleaning of kitchens,
  • Cleaning of stairwells,
  • Cleaning of corridors,
  • Dusting off surfaces and devices,
  • Cobweb removal,
  • Dusting off and cleaning of luminaires,
  • Cleaning of window-sills, electric switches, coat-stands, pictures, furniture and radiators,
  • Vacuum-cleaning of carpeted surfaces,

  • Cleaning and drying of carpets in place,
  • Vacuum-cleaning and mopping of floors and tiled surfaces,
  • Cleaning of balconies,
  • Emptying of waste bins and ashtrays,
  • Changing garbage bags,
  • Cleaning of tiled surfaces,
  • Washing and cleaning of doors and door-frames,
  • Cleaning of window-frames and the whole surface of window-glasses,
  • Cleaning of curtains,
  • Cleaning of parquet floors.

Whether we have already proven ourselves as a security service provider to you, or we have not been in business contact yet, don’t hesitate to contact us and request a quote, if you are looking for a cleaning firm!


Phone: +36 70 395 6144